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Respicaire™ Whole House Air Filtration

Respicaire Whole House Air Filtration

Your First Step To Healthier Respiratory Air Indoors!

Respicaire™ is a new technology company built on the foundation of a fully engineered product solution for the modern challenge of contaminated indoor air.

Fueled by the remarkable ground breaking, electronic technology, our research and development teams have been coming on strong to set a new standard for affordable and effective whole home air cleaners.

The Expanding Problem.......

There is no question that our contaminated indoor living environments have made effective air cleaning products an intimate necessary in every home and office. The EPA has repeatedly stated that our "indoor air quality is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air."

Respiratory ailments are at an all-time high and have risen exponentially in the last decade.

Childhood asthma and allergies have risen dramatically, upsetting the natural balance and creating serious health issues for many of our families. The energy crisis in the early seventies contributed to the growing problem of poor indoor air quality. As home heating/cooling costs increased building construction focused on making homes airtight. This tightness, while saving energy, trapped many airborne pollutants. In addition, many new homes and buildings have been made with unnatural materials that discharge particulates and gases. Add to this mix our daily use of cleaning chemicals and aerosols, plus airborne molds and mildews, then you begin to understand how contaminated indoor air quality contributes to our health problems.

Cleaner Indoor Air?.... The Respicaire™ Solution

The Respicaire™ CG helps remove 95% to 1 micron of unwanted airborne particles! The new Respicaire™ CG electronic indoor air cleaner is indeed; a "Breakthrough Technology". Our miniaturized, waterproof CG electronics, mimic "Mother Natures" natural, safe, electronic processes to efficiently clean and purify your indoor air quality.

You Can See The Performance Difference!

The Respicaire™ CG works on the simple principle of electro-magnetic attraction to remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air; including particles as small as .001 microns. By duplicating "Mother Natures" method of cleaning our air. The Respicaire™ CG electronics place a powerful electro-magnetic charge on the unique media pads inside each Respicaire™ air cleaner. These special multi-layered media pads then attract and hold the harmful airborne particles. The removal of these particulates from your indoor air is essential to help create a healthier, more natural indoor air environment.

We Sweat So You Don't Have To!


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2017 HVAC Tax Credit
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