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(904) 509 5020

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Alpine Air, Inc. Specializing In Air Conditioning Repair, Service, Installation.

Alpine Air Inc. repairs, services and installs air conditioning systems for your home, your business, wherever you need to provide cool air. We offer complete air conditioning systems from one room contained air conditioner units, to whole house or building; clean air environmental air conditioner systems.

Florida is known to heat up from time to time. We can help you keep cool (and help you keep your cool). When you have unexpected breakdowns or just a routine tune-up, our professionally trained technicians are willing and happy to help.

Poor efficiency is most commonly caused by dirt buildup on your air conditioner coils. When the system is in "cool" the coil is creating condensation, this condensation acts like a magnet for dust and other debris. Keeping your air conditioning system clean, reduces energy costs, and extends the life expectancy of your air conditioning system. If you are looking to invest in a new central air conditioning system, we offer a wide range of air conditioning systems from economy air conditioners to high efficiency air conditioning systems. Everyone's needs are different, so we are happy to assist you with multiple choices. Only you know what you want.

Residential Air Conditioner Sales, Service & Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Sales, Service & Repair

We specialize in residential air conditioner repair

We specialize in Commercial air conditioning repair

We provide preventive maintenance services

We install and service new equipment

Our technicians are ready to exceed your needs

Alpine Air Inc. Residential Services

We’re an environmentally friendly business

Alpine Air, Inc., also specializes in environmentally green product s, indoor air quality products, and talking thermostats for our visually impaired clients. Our entire product line is designed for efficiency, longevity, product performance, best manufacturing warranties, and peace of mind coverage.

Our business model is designed to put the customer first, middle, and last. We appreciate your consideration, and look forward to speaking with you should you have any questions or concerns

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2017 HVAC Tax Credit

2017 HVAC Tax Credit
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