LG Art Cool™ Air Conditioner

Single Room Air Conditioning

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LG Art Cool™ Air Conditioner

LG Art Cool Air Conditioning

Decorative Single Room Air Conditioner

LG Art Cool™ The Brilliant Merging of Form and Function

Express your individual sense of style while cooling your living or working space with these attractive, duct free single room air conditioner systems from LG. Available in a variety of finishes including a customizable model, the interior wall muted unit can be subtle or splashy it is up to you.

Make a personal statement with LG picture Art Cool™

This innovative model allows you to display your favorite image in the customizable picture area. Any drawing or photo or other graphic can be placed in the LG Art Cool™ single room air conditioner frame. You simply lift the front panel up and out, an slide in the selected artwork. Showcase a child's artwork, a family portrait, or vacation pictures; the choice is yours.

LG Art Coolâ„¢

LG Art Cool™ single room air conditioner provide duct free single zoned systems that are designed to bring cool comfort to any room in your home, office, school or business. From vintage homes to urban loft settings you're sure sure to find just the right look and system to enhance your space.


Select LG picture Art Cool™ single room air conditioner, where you're limited only by your imagination. Or chose from our standard metal or mirrored units in a variety of optional colors and finishes. And you'll never sacrifice comfort for looks since a variety of BTU capacities are available. In addition both cooling only and heat pump models are offered.

Easy To Use

LG Art Cool™ single room air conditioner products have all the features you look for in an air conditioner. Remote control operation, outstanding air purification, natural air flow, and auto operation modes make these units an ideal choice for home or office.

Easy Installation

LG Art Cool™ single room air conditioner standard systems are highly flexible and can be retro fitted to most residential and commercial settings. There is no need for an open window or for the costly, time-consuming ductwork. And, the ultra quiet fan and motor make LG duct free air conditioning a sound choice, even the outdoor condensing unit is quiet and neighbor friendly.

Air Conditioning that shows your good taste and good sense.

The larger multi split systems operate two or three interior units mounted in separate rooms. The LG Art Cool™ single room air conditioner Metal and Mirror units are offered in a choice of optional front panels, from pleasing neutrals to impressionist images by Van Gogh and Sisley.

Each indoor unit comes with its own remote control, providing personalized comfort and reducing energy consumption. Room by room temperature control is maintained, while utilizing only a single outdoor unit. Dual Zone and Tri-Zone are also available in both cooling only and heat pump systems, to provide comfort in all seasons.

Flex multi split air conditioners: Dual Zone & Tri-Zone

Choose a system look and size from two 9,000 BTU and three 12,000 BTU indoor units. These can be combined to achieve between 18,000 and 24,000 BTU's on a dual zone system and from 27,000 to 36,000 BTU's on a tri-zone system. The interior units are available in a variety of styles: Art Coolâ„¢ Metal and Mirror and Standard White Models.

LG Art Picture Art Cool™ single room air conditioner is available in 9,000 & 12,000 BTU's cooling only and heat pump models. A white mat border is included with the unit, which supports a picture up to 20"x20" with a 17"x17" visible area.

LG Art Cool

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