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July 23, 2018

What is Bi-Polar Ionization?

Bi-polar ionization is created when an alternating voltage source (AC) is applied to a special tube with two electrodes. When the voltage is applied to the tube's electrode, like electricity is applied to a light bulb's filament, an ionization field is produced approximately 20 inches from the tube, just as light is produced from a light bulb. The ionization cannot be seen, but it’s presence will result in a “mountain air” freshness. Bi-polar ionization means the production of positive and negative ions which occur naturally. They are nature’s way of controlling mold, bacteria, viruses and odors. Lower grade systems provide only negative ions. Electronic production of positive and negative ions that purify air has been used exclusively for commercial and industrial applications… until now. Bioclimatic Air Systems has redesigned their rugged industrial and commercial unit found in facilities such as hospitals, schools and casinos for your home!

Your family can now enjoy clean air that was once only available in expensive commercial and and industrial building applications. Smart Sensing Technology (SST) provide a continuous, trouble free low maintenance ionization system at an affordable price for your entire home! The system easily installs in your home's HVAC system. Thanks to the new smart sensing technology, the Bioclimatic Air Purification System will know when your home HVAC system is operating. Control interfacing to your home's existing HVAC system is eliminated. Just mount the Bioclimatic unit into your return air duct and connect the power cord to a conventional 120V AC power receptacle. It is that simple and it requires less power than a 60 watt light bulb to operate!

Technology once reserved for meeting clean air requirements in hospitals and government applications is now available for your home!

Engineered to Maximize Comfort and Minimize Cost.

Your furnace and air conditioning system recycle stale air. The Bioclimatic air purification system produces fresh, filtered air without adversely affecting energy bills.

Simply by increasing your filter efficiency and providing the Bioclimatic ionization unit as in the table shown above, your home will have clean, fresh and purified air.

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